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Investment incentives

The City of Żagań offers the following forms of support to investors who locate their investments in Żagań:

  • Providing information on investment areas in Żagań,
  • possibility of taking advantage of property tax exemption up to 10 years (the amount of the exemption depends on the number of employees),
  • Organisation of meetings with the Mayor, representatives of various offices in Zagan, facilitating contacts with offices and public administration bodies in the City of Zagan,
  • Assistance in establishing contacts with companies and organisations – recruitment agencies, property brokers, universities, developers, etc.
  • Customised services for key investors, provided by the so-called “investment pilot” – an employee responsible for handling a specific investment project, assistance throughout the entire process of investment preparation and execution.
  • In the case of investments involving the construction of new buildings – assistance in choosing the best location for the investment; assistance in the process of obtaining administrative decisions required in the construction process.

Support in recruitment:

  • Assistance in establishing relations with universities and career offices run by universities,
  • Supporting the investor’s cooperation with schools, e.g. development or adjustment of school curricula to the investor’s needs,
  • Free help of County and Regional Employment Offices.

And other:

  • Supporting the investor in finding the most suitable office space.
  • Adaptation of timetables of public transportation
  • Cooperation with the investor as regards the promotion of the investment project executed in Zagan. Cooperation with the investor after the project has been launched, assistance with clearing formalities at CityHall and other offices, depending on the investor’s needs.


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